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We Know How to Get There

Nearly 1 billion people still live in extreme poverty, so we’ve spent the past several years exploring how we can help more people move out of poverty, more quickly. We’ve taken the best of our methods and applied economies of scale to exponentially increase the depth and breadth of our work’s impact. We have a roadmap in AMDEN’s Theory of Change, and we incorporate it into every one of our programs:

Increase income and assets

Achieve food security & robust nutrition

Improve the environment

Facilitate women’s empowerment

Strengthen the social fabric of community

  • Did you know women reinvest up to 90% of income back into their households? This means giving an animal through AMDEN FARM can empower women to lift their families out of poverty!
  • Did you know? Goat milk is an excellent source of nutrition for those with chronic illness, like HIV infection. Goat's milk contains lower levels of lactose than cow's milk while sporting higher levels of calcium, potassium and selenium, a trace mineral essential to good health.
  • Happy #IndipendenceDay of Pakistan from AMDEN FARM community!
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  • Happy Eid to All Muslims around the world! "Team AMDEN"
  • "In my country, it's difficult to buy land. It's too expensive and Pakistan is very densely populated, so it's hard to find proper land. When I think, this is my house, I made it with AMDEN's support, I feel proud. Now I'm independent." - Sughran Bibi

Once, Sughran was mired in poverty because there were no jobs for illiterate women in the city where she lived. After joining a AMDEN project she received the skills, training and, most importantly, opportunity that she needed to succeed. Now, she has doubled her income by raising goats and poultry chicks!
  • Goat Milk Benefits; It's easier to digest. It has fewer allergenic proteins and causes less inflammation. It's high in calcium and fatty acids but low in cholesterol. It keeps skin looking good. It absorbs nutrients and minerals better than cows' milk.
  • Goats are a gift worth giving! They provide enough nutritious milk each day for an entire family, with enough left over to sell for income. With this "milk money," Sumaiya's family was able to send her to school..
  • Did you know? A healthy chicken can provide a family with over 200 eggs every year that they can eat for a boost in nutrition or sell for a boost in income! 
#revolving livestock model 
#eradication of chronic poverty in just 18 months
#goat farming, poultry farming & kitchen gardening
  • Eradication of chronic hunger and poverty through "Poultry Farming" at rural segment of society.

You know chicks can quickly turn into a sizable flock that can triple a family's income. Plus, chickens can lay nearly 200 eggs a year!

#revolving livestock model 
#eradication of chronic poverty in just 18 months
#goat farming, poultry farming & kitchen gardening